Artist Development (Intense Training for Those Who Are More Advanced) Acting Class, Performance Training, Vocal Training & Choreographed Dance (Starting @ $600 Month) -Classes are Tuesday’s Wednesday’s & Thursday’s


An audition is required for this class.



Are you ready to take your craft serious? We can help!

Classes are Tuesday’s (6 PM-8:30 PM, Wednesday’s (6 PM-9 PM) and Thursday’s (6 PM-9 PM).

Group (Introductory) | Get a taste of what it’s like to prepare for the industry as a singer. Work with other artists in a small group, while you develop your craft. This will help you connect with other like minded individuals and create a solid support system to thrive. (3 days-8.5 hrs. of training)

Cost: $600.00 | Month (You May Register Now)


Individual Private (Silver Level)  | Prepare yourself for the industry, through intense vocal, acting, dance, workouts and performance training, with several private instructors. This will help you focus on building your stamina and overall artistry. (3 days-9 hrs. of training)

Cost: $1,500.00 | 1 Week (Please call to set up initial meeting)


Individual Private (Gold Level) | Intensify things with a month of development with vocal, acting, dance, workouts and performance training with several instructors, that will challenge you to become great in every way. Focus on performing at a high level, in order to prepare for industry opportunities. (3 days-9 hrs. of training per week)

Cost: $2,500 | 1 Month (Please call to set up initial meeting)


VIP (Platinum Level)- This is for the serious artist who is ready to go for it and launch! Get everything from one of our above levels and record a cover song in the studio, do a cover video, take headshots, along with some social media & brand consulting.

Cost: $5,000 (Please call to set up initial meeting)


*No Refunds are given once payment is made. You may transfer funds to our other services.