Investment: Starting At $850 For 1 Month of Consult.

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We have a proven track record with helping the Artist gain traction in the entertainment business, while empowering them with the necessary ingredients to be successful. Whether you are an Actor, Singer, Dancer or Musician, our experts can help.

It’s wise to have a team of people guide you along your journey and this is why we created our Management consulting service. (Meet 1 hr. per week, for one month)

We can help you with:

Branding & Marketing

Strategies to Build Social Media Numbers

Professional Headshots

1 Year Action Plan

Media Training

Reviewing Agreements if Currently Working

Preparation For Agency Representation

Assess Opportunities For You to Maximize Efforts

Coaching (Help to Prepare You For The Business)

  • Industry Insight
  • Understanding What Team Players You Need and When
  • Time Management
  • Staying Organized
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking and Building Relationships & More


*No refunds once payment is made. Can transfer monies to another service.