AGI is known for “Creating Stars” and we are on a mission to help as many kids and adults accelerate their success in the entertainment industry. Our Company Consists of Training Classes, Production and Management.

  • We train the artist in Singing, Dancing and Acting in order to reach their star status.
  • We create edgy, high quality productions that light the soul, in the area of Social Media Content, Webisodes, TV Pitched Ideas, Showcases, Play Productions, Music Recording & Videos.
  • We Manage working clients in the area of TV, Film, Broadway & Music to keep their business on track.

Our core values are what make our team and clients tick, which is Creativity, Discipline & Drive and we strive to exemplify these daily in everything we do.

Many of our clients have been featured on TV, Film, Commercials, Broadway, Stage Plays and other main stream media. This is a result of our students hard work and dedication as well as our guidance and support throughout the process.

If you have been searching for a place that cares about you and your success, we are that place….We are AGI Entertainment.

Natarsha Garcia has the unique ability to spot stars the moment they walk in the door. It is her theory that you don’t have to be the most talented person to be a superstar; you just have to possess a work ethic that says; no one will outwork me!


AGI Management represents kids & adults that are already working in the business or are in the development process. Stars are not born; they are made and created through hard work, discipline, character, focus and integrity. At AGI, we develop and mold stars! Natarsha is also the mastermind, behind the upcoming R&B sensation Glamour.


We always want ensure that our clients have a great experience when they come through our doors. For over 17 years, our core values of Discipline, Creativity and Drive, have helped to create stars in the entertainment industry.


It’s important to us and our team, that we leave our heart print on everyone that we connect with. We do this by focusing on the entertainer’s needs, finding out what their goals are and implementing a solid plan to move forward, ultimately empowering them to walk fully in their dream.

Singer-songwriter, Actor, Playwright, Director and Choreographer. Hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, the multi-talented prodigy, Brandin Jay, wasted no time getting his career in the arts and entertainment underway. He has studied at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, but got his start at AGI Performing Arts School in Atlanta.


Performing since the age of 4, Brandin Jay continues to make a national name for himself in an array of artistic arenas. Brandin is also the creator of the Pop group Pink Heart and Hello Sunday.

  • I recommend AGI! Natarsha works hard at giving her students the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the business. Not only does she train them in acting, dancing and singing (she is an amazing voice coach!), Natarsha goes beyond the classroom and really cares about her students. For me, AGI has become a place to scout for great talent!

    Joy Pervis
    Joy Pervis CEO of J Pervis Talent Agency
  • “Natarsha, Brandin and the AGI Team are world class talent developers- with the success stories to prove it. They pull the best out of aspiring stars to help them become marketable. Even better, they are people of the utmost integrity. I can’t say enough good things about them."

    Carey Lewis
    Carey Lewis CEO-New Shine By Carey Lewis
  • I have had the opportunity to cast some of the students in AGI and I am always so impressed with them.  The students are not only talented but incredibly disciplined, professional, and well prepared. I enjoy and look forward to auditioning the AGI talent. I’m always certain that I will find a gem!

    Rhavynn Drummer
    Rhavynn Drummer Tyler Perry Studios-Casting
  • AGI is Family! I have discovered some incredible talent here. Natarsha and her team know how to build them from the ground up. Triple Threats for real! Couldn’t be more excited to keep coming back.

    Nick Roses Pantheon Talent - Los Angeles, Agent
  • I would like to personally thank you for everything AGI Entertainment has done for me. I started as a rookie and did not have much experience when it came to the industry. But when I attended AGI everything changed. After a long time of training and hard work, I became a booking machine and I have AGI to thank for that. You helped me get my Atlanta agent and LA agent. Without AGI, I would not be where I am today.

    Jalyn Hall
    Jalyn Hall Actor-CW's All American, Series Regular
  • Being managed by Natarsha Garcia is absolutely life changing. She is the hardest working person I know when It comes to her clients. At AGI Entertainment, she opens up her doors to train artists of all ages so they are prepared for the entertainment business. While being at AGI, I’ve had so many opportunities but the one I’m most proud of is when Natarsha got us the opportunity to be cast on one of NBC’s biggest hit shows, The Voice. With Ms. Natarsha’s years of training me and my partner Chelsea were more prepared to take on such a big responsibility at a young age. She is the best in the business and an amazing manager.

    Myla Finks
    Myla Finks Hello Sunday-The Voice, Top 6 on Season 17
  • Hi, My name is Chelsea Glover. I am 1/2 member of the group, Hello Sunday. I have been training at AGI for four years and it has been a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for AGI Management for making contact with NBC, The Voice and starting the journey of Hello Sunday making it to the Top 6.

    Chelsea Glover
    Chelsea Glover Hello Sunday-The Voice, Top 6 on Season 17
  • Scouting at AGI is always such a treat for me. Not only do I find amazing talent, the majority of the performers are a triple threat! I highly recommend AGI to anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level and working with a studio that genuinely cares for their students. Thank you Natarsha for always providing the best of the best!!

    Julie Martin BMG Talent & Model Agency-Agent
  • AGI has been a blessing to my family both personally and professionally! Will your talent be developed to it’s fullest? Absolutely!! But more importantly, AGI’s training emphasizes professionalism and integrity - two qualities that go a long way in this industry and a lesson that has served Celina well!

    Celina Smith and Mother, Paris Smith AGI Alumni-Tyler Perry & Nickelodean's-Young Dillan Series Regular