“New Class” Triple Threat Training 3.0 (Adults 18 +) Classes Begin October 6th-10 AM-1 PM


Our NEW Triple Treat Training 3.0 for Adults.  This is a spin off from our Industry Boot Camp week that we do for Adults during the summer. This class is deigned to push students beyond their current skill set and is intense.

Class is offered every 1st & 3rd Saturday from 10 am– 1 pm, for ages 18 and up, in a group setting.  We focus on the following during our class rotation:

  • Vocal-Warm Ups, Ear Training, Scales, Tone, Vocal Range, Song Choices, Performance, Connecting with Your Audience and more.
  • Acting-Warm Ups, Physical Movement, On Camera Training, Theater, Improv & Comedy, Audition Techniques, Booking Auditions and much more.
  • Hip Hop Dance-Foundational Movement, Combinations, Choreographed Dances, Solo Dancing and Performance Training.

This class is vital for students that should develop in all 3 areas, in order to be well rounded as a performer. We believe the more you bring to the table, the more marketable you are in the entertainment business. This is where creativity, discipline and drive meet success, and lasting confidence is built!

*No refunds given once payment is made. You may transfer funds to our other services.



Beginner to Intermediate


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