FOUND EVENT-April, 2020


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1. What is Found?

‘Found’ is an annual AGI fireside chat that builds performers up : in mind, in craft and in spirit. Industry knowledge and expertise is generously imparted at ‘Found’, to bolster and sharpen your talent as well as activate and challenge you in every aspect of your career pursuit.

2. ‘Found’ TouchPoints –

Educate – ‘Found’s expert panel of coaches will share industry tips, techniques and insight with talent. AGI Alumnus will share their unique journey and interact with ‘Found’ talent via industry Q&A talkback sessions.

Activate – ‘Found’ talent will present their artistry to AGI Special Guests / Industry VIPs who are actively scouting talent for their roster, projects or opportunities.

Motivate – A licensed advisor will encourage ‘Found’ artists to pursue growth in ALL essential areas of artistry and well-being, including emotional and mental health.

The explosive moment of this gathering is our high energy concert given by talent within our very own AGI family! ‘Found’ attendees will not only get complimentary tickets to this concert but will gain access to the venue for early seating as well.

If you’re wanting a place to build community, pursue excellence and gain momentum, we need to see you at ‘Found’!

Join us! Join the Movement!


Event Date: April 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2020 


6PM – 7 PM: Check In and Connect *Light Refreshments Provided*

7PM – 9PM: Founders’ Opening


10AM – 12:30PM: VIP Audition and Talkback

1PM – 2PM: Lunch and Learn: Callbacks

2PM – 4PM:  Mental Health in a Crazy Industry | Parenting a Superstar

5PM – 7PM: You, Inc: Art is a Business


10 AM – 12:30PM: Sunday Inspiration

12:30PM – 2:30PM: Lunch and Learn: Resume Building

3:00PM – 5:00PM: Alumnae Chat: The Next Chapter

8:30 PM: Free Concert


Venue: TBA

Early Registration (Ends on March 16th): $50

Late Registration (After March 16th): $65

Investment: $197


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