Over The Top: Digital Download

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In this cutting edge message, Over the Top, you will learn the Five Steps to Living Your Dream, which will cause transformation and lasting results. Natarsha will take you on a journey to Finding Your Voice, Striking A Match, Go For The No, Don’t Give Up and Launch.

This life changing and power packed Digital Download, will change the trajectory of your life.


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Have you ever felt stuck, unfulfilled, and confused about your purpose? Well, you are not alone. In today’s society, there are millions who feel the same, simply because they don’t have anyone in the trenches with them, in order bring clarity and help accelerate things in their life. Natarsha Garcia (The Dream Coach) brings a fresh perspective to people of all backgrounds, in order to live beyond what you thought you could. See below for digital download.

Natarsha has walked through many adversities over the years and understands how to help others with precision. She has a passion to ignite what’s in you, so you can live your best life. See below for digital download.