What are the items my child must bring on a daily basis to camp?

Campers must bring work out attire for dance, 2 water bottles, lunch, cd with assigned (instrumental) music, assigned copy of monologue, etc.

What if my child is on medication?

Medication form must be filled in and it must be added to the medication list.

What are the drop-off and pick-up times?

Campers can be dropped off any time after 8:30 am and classes begin at 9 am. Camp ends at 3 pm. The latest pick up time is 5pm.

Do you have before and after camp care?

Drop off is available as early as 8:30 am at no extra charge. After 5pm, parents are charged $1 per minute for late pickups.

What is the AGI Extreme Performing Arts Camp daily schedule?

All campers choose a primary and secondary elective out of singing, dancing and acting. 9:00am – 12:00pm First Elective (Instruction Time)
12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch Hour
1:00pm – 3:00pm – Second Elective (Instruction Time)

3:00pm – 5:00pm – Mentorship and Group Activities (Pick up time)

Which VIP will my child get to see?

Friday is our VIP showcase day every week. Please refer to our camp calendar on our website.

Who makes up the staff and what’s their expertise?

The founder of AGI is Atlanta’s own Natarsha Garcia! All staff members are qualified, enthusiastic, and go through a thorough background check. You may check out staff biographies on our website.

What is the Faculty to Student ratio?

The ratio of faculty to students at AGI will always stay at or below 10:1.

Is the faculty screened?

Yes, all teachers, counselors, assistants, and camp staff are required to complete a full disclosure application and all are fully investigated and background checked before they are invited to be part of the AGI team.


Does my child have to bring his or her own music/monologue?

Once your child is assigned a song, they will be expected to bring the instrumental for the song on a cd. Please make sure the cd plays on a few cd players before bringing them to camp.

The acting coach will notify the camper if they need to bring a monologue. Otherwise, monologues will be assigned.

What if my child has no experience acting, singing or dancing?

That’s what it’s all about! AGI provides the instruction and environment necessary to ensure every camper gets an excellent performing arts experience.

How will my child be grouped with other campers?

Campers are grouped first according to ability level and then age.

How can we get a copy of the showcase performance?

Showcase DVDs will be available for sale 3 weeks after the showcase date. You may complete a DVD order form prior to the showcase to ensure that you receive a copy.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee covers the cost of your child’s camp t-shirt and any additional camp supplies.

What are the safety precautions?

AGI is dedicated to providing a safe, creative, supportive, and fun environment for all who attend. There is a staff member on campus at all times that is CPR certified. AGI strictly enforces a drug-free atmosphere and lifestyle. Campers are expected to follow the camp’s prescribed rules of conduct. AGI has a zero tolerance policy; any camper who violates the rules will be dismissed immediately and will not be allowed any type of refund.

What is AGI ‘s policy on discipline?

AGI has a zero tolerance policy. All campers are provided with the camp’s rules of conduct and the parent or guardian must sign the document prior to the camper participating in any camp activities. Campers are expected to adhere to the rules. Any camper who does not adhere to the rules will be required to leave and will not be allowed any type of refund.

In the event of an emergency, who do we contact?

In the event of an emergency, please contact our on-site administrator at 678-324-7218.

Does my child have to bring his or her own lunch?

Students are required to bring their own lunches to AGI.

Is there reimbursement if my child doesn’t fulfill the length of the program or misses a day?

Unfortunately, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Camps are priced in week-long sessions, not by the day. Not only is our staffing determined by the number of campers that register, but we also must turn other students away once the limited number of spaces is filled.

What does my child wear for the show?

Parents will receive attire requirements for the show by the first showcase rehearsal.

How can I purchase tickets to see my child’s show?

Each camper is required to sell at least 10 tickets. Tickets are given out on the first day of showcase rehearsal, and ticket money is due at dress rehearsal.

Can I call or text my child during camp hours?

If your child brings a cell phone to camp, it should be turned off and put away during camp hours. Texting and other cell phone activities distract and detract from classes and the overall camp experience.

Where is the Extreme Performing Arts Camp being held?
The Extreme Performing Arts Camp is being held within the AGI Studio.
AGI @ 147 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30067

Will my child have fun while attending your camp?

Absolutely! Our camps are successful because of our exciting performing arts training and showcase experiences. However, we do work hard! We train our performers to be diligent, driven and creative. We do all of this in a fun-filled and creative environment.